Hi, I'm Andrea Hill

I love digging into complex problems & coming up with elegant solutions that meet human and organizational needs. 
Former Code for Canada fellow, I'm now a Sr. UX Specialist with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Some of the work I'm most proud of.

Meeting Productivity Software

Could a web conferencing company expand its market by introducing a productivity tool that could improve ALL meetings? I led a small internal startup to find out.


Main Goal:
Launch an internal startup using lean startup principles

Chat Software - Strategic Positioning

This two-phased strategic project helped my client understand how his product was positioned in the market, and what marketing and product changes he should make to achieve his growth goals.


Main Goal:
Understand the product's position in the market and provide recommendations

In-Room Conferencing Hardware

ReadyTalk was a software company considering expanding into the hardware market, and they looked to me to explore the opportunity from a customer, market and operational perspective.


Main Goal:
Build the business case for a new product

Is Live Streaming Video a Threat?

When Facebook Live, Blab and Periscope hit the scene, we wondered if we were facing the Innovator's Dilemma. Would a low-cost, inferior product disrupt our business?


Main Goal:
Understanding the Jobs people are hiring different streaming platforms to Get Done

Teenager on a live video stream
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Event Analytics

Should we invest in a big product idea? Before taking the leap, the product team turned to me and my team to understand whether their customers really had the problem they were trying to solve. 


Main Goal:
Understand the biggest struggles in running online events; decide whether to build a particular feature

But wait! There's more...

Product Manager holding sign that says help
How ‘Jobs to be Done’ Saved Us From a Costly Mistake

The product team was sure they were building what customers wanted.. until we talked to them

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Three Code for Canada fellows
Prototyping in the Public Sector

Using prototypes to quickly learn about and improve the travel experience for public servants.

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Bored sad couple
Not Every Industry is Ripe for Disruption. And That's Ok.

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Crowd of people talking
How Slack, Intercom, and Drift are Reinventing a Crowded Market

It’s not Live Chat, it’s Messaging

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World War Two Plane
Want Growth? Don’t Look At Your Customer Data

Paying too much attention to today’s customers may make you blind to tomorrow’s.

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Girl punching guy in face
Can Jobs to be Done Research and Personas Co-Exist? Should They?

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I've worked for product companies as well as agencies, as a product strategist, a UX designer, a director of product and an innovation manager. Let's connect and talk about how best I can put my skills to work for you!

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