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Areas of focus since 1999

I’ve always been fascinated by semantics and the power of words. I started my French studies at the age of 4, and spent time abroad as an Exchange Student. I also studied German, Spanish and Linguistics.

Web Accessibility

A major focus of my work at LexisNexis was ensuring equal access to digital information. I became an expert on Section 508 and WCAG compliance and wrote my thesis on RIA Accessibility.

User Experience

I left the coding world to focus on designing (rather than just building) usable and delightful online experiences. I designed artifacts like wireframes and user flows as a direct output from in-depth customer interactions.

Lean Startup / Entrepreneurship

I now investigate customer insights and market trends. I’ve served as an Intrapreneur in the Innovation department of two separate organizations, identifying new strategic opportunities and bringing new products to market.


"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Einstein

Hey, I'm Andrea.
I'm a left-handed Canadian marathoner living in Denver, CO with my fiancee and our cat Tobey (aka Schmobey, aka Toblerone).
I believe in continuous self-improvement and mastery. I hold four college degrees, because as soon as I achieve competence in something, I'm eager to dive deep into something else.
I got into web development in my sparetime in college, and decided I wanted to pursue it as a career. Over the past *ahem* 15 years I've evolved from development to information design to product development and strategy. I love learning and sharing ideas, and am considered a pretty outgoing introvert. I love conferences and events as both an attendee and a presenter.
I hope what I have to share is interesting and/or helpful. I know they're not always the same thing. :-)
Thanks for stopping by!

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