Google Friend Connect – first (premature) thoughts

My thoughts are premature, because I haven’t actually seen Google Friend Connect (GFC; can I call it GFC?) in action, I’ve only seen the few screenshots that google has released. That being said, I thought I’d respond to my impressions or understandings of the service, before seeing what it really is. That way if I’m[…]

Headers and Images – Alt Text and the Weight Factor

I am drafting an article for the RI:Technology blog on Screen readers and Search Engines, and was reviewing a paper a colleague wrote about Search. He mentioned sIFR as a technique “to bring content to search engines”. I asked another colleague about this, as I’d always just considered sIFR as a “stylability” technique. We started[…]


I’ve decided to post some ‘stream of consciousness’ posts on various sites/services I’ve come across. The posts may or may not be lucid and linear, but hopefully they will be thought- and comment-evoking… Sputtr – I’ve always been interested in ‘search’, or perhaps I mean information retrieval/ categorization. When I was a volunteer editor[…]

pimped out ads

I’ve been a google user since the last millennium. I’ve listened to “the search” on audiobook, read some old student paper by Brin and Page about some odd algorithm they referred to as “PageRank”. But I’ll admit it, the notion of a “pimped out search engine” to use “when your life depends on it” is[…]