Strategies for Blogging and Social Network Marketing: A Case Study (PodCamp Ohio)

The final session of the day that I attended was on strategies for blogging and social networking marketing. Some of the content was similar to the viral campaign session I’d attended earlier, I liked the use of the one specific case study to frame their work. Right away speaker Bill Balderaz of Webbed Marketing laid[…]

Podcamp Ohio

I’ve noticed that @podcampohio has been following me on twitter for awhile, but hadn’t thought too much of it. Today, however, a colleague at work asked if I was attending this weekend. While I hadn’t really thought about it (and already have plans mid-day), I checked out the line-up, and made a quick decision to[…]

The Power of One. Gazillion. (or, uh guys, maybe we DID help take twitter down…)

As I mentioned, last week was the iCitizen client symposium, held by my employer, Resource Interactive. We had a social media cafe dedicated to showing attendees the power of social media and in particular, some of the most popular tools and services out there. We had an official live blogger and twitter stream, as well[…]

Lifestreaming at iCitizen

On May 20 and 21st, I was working at the “lifestreaming/blogging” station at the social media cafe at the iCitizen conference. The conference itself had the standard speakers and panels, and the cafe was a supplementary opportunity for conference delegates to learn more about, well, social media. There were four stations: “lifestreaming/blogging”, “community conversations”, “new[…]