Highlights from Lean Startup Conference 2015

This was my second year attending the Lean Startup Conference. Last year I was an attendee, and this year I was honored to have been selected as a speaker. I’ll admit that having my own dedicated timeslot (at 2:30pm the final day of the conference) meant I was never completely in “learner” mode, in the[…]

Career Advancement Core Conversation at SxSW

Back in a post last August, I asked you, my blog readers and twitter followers, to vote for my SxSW proposal: “Forging your Ideal Career”. And you listened! Today I’m very happy to announce that I will be speaking at the 2010 South By Southwest Interactive Festival. As I mentioned back in the blog post,[…]

Technology and Social Media at NTC

Earlier this week I attended at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco, CA. As a technologist, I attend several conferences a year (in the past 6 months, I’ve attended the Thin Air Summit, Web Directions North, WordCamp Denver, South By Southwest, and now NTC.) The use of social media and technology at these conferences[…]

Core Conversations at SxSW

Sessions at the South By SouthWest conference are classified as keynotes, solo presentations, panels, core conversations, book reading, or trade show events. In my initial planning of sessions to attend, I shied away from the Core Conversations, as I worried that the non-structured format would not offer the insights as more planned sessions. As it[…]

Runners in the Technology Field

I used to run with the Nationwide Running Club. Anyone who worked at Nationwide was welcome to join, but our core group of weekend warriors were primarily technical: a Database Administrator, an IT Officer, a Systems Architect, an Engineer, a GIS Specialist, and a few Actuaries. We were rounded out with a Resource Librarian and[…]

From iCitizen – May 2008

RI_comp_2 Originally uploaded by Resource Interactive I just came across this old photo from the iCitizen conference held by Resource Interactive last May. I’m working the social media cafe, speaking with David Griner and another conference attendee about lifestreaming. We discussed wordpress, tumblr, flickr, twitter and digsby.