From January 2003 to April 2003 I interned with Technical Resources at Franklin University. This was an excellent opportunity to further hone my technical skills as well as gain experience in a larger organization (in my design work I was always the sole designer, and this gave me the opportunity to work as a team. The following was the job description:

Reports to the Webmaster. Assists with researching and documenting requirements, analyzes objectives and problems specified by department leaders, faculty, and students. Also has ability to recognize other opportunities for improvement independently. Translates requirements into detailed program specifications, undertakes program design activities including data definition, creating business logic, and visual design. Will design, create, produce and maintain web pages. Discuss ideas to obtain a clear perception of requirements. Contribute to design of University websites including look and feel, creating cohesive text and graphic elements, and developing professional visual designs. Maintain communication with Webmaster, Web Content Manager, and other team members. Modifies and documents program code to correct errors or to add capabilities. Tests code and prepares status reports.

My internship experience was very positive, and there were attempts on the behalf of the IT department to have me hired on permanently at the end of the trimester. Unfortunately they were unable to create the position for me, but I was able to see that my work had been well-received and appreciated. My internship supervisor wrote me this reference letter at the end of my term, and my final report, which sums up my experience, is also available.

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