Separating content from presentation – social media style

As a recovering web developer, I am very acutely aware of the best practices of separating content from presentation. The other night at the social part of the Mile High Social Media Club, I was talking with some folks about semantics and web standards, and it occurred to me that this same nuance extends to[…]

what’s the deal with… findability, searchability, indexability and accessibility?

As a front-end web developer, I often hear the terms “findable”, “searchable”, “indexable” and “accessible” thrown around interchangeably. For many, they mean that the content can be accessed by a non-human, be it a screen reader or a search engine spider. On some level this is true, but there are several significant differences that are[…]

Grad School Retrospective (2)

As I mentioned in my last post, I am taking some time to look back on my time in grad school. A list of course titles and descriptions doesn’t really speak to what I got out of the course, or what I put into it. 4. Application of Artificial Intelligence – This was the first[…]

how you know you love your job: you’re blogging about it on a friday night..

Today was our day off after 9 days of ATG training. Yesterday afternoon, we were all mentally “full” of all we’d been learning. I wasn’t sure how productive I’d be at work today.. and as it turned out, it was one of those great days where you just can’t get enough done! The morning started[…]

Flagship sites – identifying areas of consistency and possible variation

Lately at work I’ve been helping out with some light Scotts work. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is a huge client, with several different microsites and campaigns. The recent redesign of (disclaimer: I only performed perfunctory copy changes for the redesign) reminded me of much of the work I did at LexisNexis: was the[…]

A mid-career crisis?

After 8 years of various “web-” jobs (from Web Director (Jagged) to Web Designer (Maxim) to Web Master (Youthone) back to Web Designer (Common Sense Solutions) to Web Technician (Franklin University) to Web Developer (LexisNexis) to Senior Web Developer (LexisNexis) and now Senior Developer (Resource Interactive), I’m starting to think about a shift in my[…]