Masters Running

If you were to look at my race results since I rolled into the Masters category (age 40+, as of Aug 2017), you’d probably surmise my best running days were behind me. Well, they are.. but not by as much as you may have assumed.

In my marathon spreadsheet, I organize my races by finish time. The burgundy bars are different time-buckets. The green lines are races I’ve run since I turned 40. Notice how all of them are in that 4-5hr range, and they make up roughly half of all the races I’ve completed in that range over my running career.

Of course, this is where the caveats come in. That includes the three marathons of the Tahoe Triple, pacing my Mom to a sub-five hour race, and the Boston Monsoon of 2018. But still – just looking at the list, there’s a lot of green all clumped together.


Heading into the Marine Corps marathon, I didn’t let that weigh me down. I was ready to train well, run comfortable and let my body dictate what I was capable of. And it went great!

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