Training for the Jack and Jill

I started using the Pfitzinger plan again for my July marathon (the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon). I’ve always enjoyed this plan. I’m doing the 12/55, into the third week so far. A few highlights:


Wednesday’s 11 miles recovery: I used my HRM with a max of 150bpm and managed to hold a 9:33 pace. (I’m not sure if that’s really still my recovery max, but it felt pretty good)

Yesterday was one of the daunting long-run-with-MP miles runs. I met with KJ and told her I wanted to do 16 miles, with 10 around 8:25-ish. Really I’d love to be closer to an 8:15 (a 3:35, even though 8:35 would still be a BQ time for me), but I honestly wasn’t sure how it would go. KJ mapped out the route, and I set my watch for 10 miles between 8:10-8:30.

We did GREAT! The overall pace for the entire run (not just the target pace miles) was 8:26. During theĀ 10 miles, we averaged 8:12. (The last two miles we were faster than the window: 8:07 and 8:02). It felt great to get that run out of the way. It was tough (I really enjoyed stopping at traffic lights) but we did it!

I was completely exhausted afterwards, but that just means we were working hard. Excited to continue to push it through the next few months, and see how things end up!

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