Maui Oceanfront Marathon 2017 Race Report

…..note: I’m writing this on Aug 2nd, over 6 months after the race. I definitely don’t remember the play-by-play, but I regret I never posted anything. Here we go!..


Sara has always wanted to get married in Hawaii, and I like to joke that when she first said “and I assume we’d schedule the wedding around a race”, I knew she was the one for me!

We decided on the Maui Oceanfront Marathon, which had an associated half marathon and looked to be much more scenic and enjoyable than something huge like Honolulu. We did plan our nuptials around the race: run on Sunday, recover on Monday, get married on Tuesday. I had told the race director about our plans and he actually offered to let us get married along the course. We politely declined 🙂

Even in January, Hawaii is hot and humid. The race started at 5am, which meant a 3:15am bus pickup. I knew it would be hot, so I only wore a sportsbra and shorts and lathered on sunscreen. We would start in the pitch-black dark, and I used/carried my knuckle lights until mile 14!


The race start was VERY cool, with a traditional Hawaiian blessing to kick off off the race.

There was a bit of concern that there wasn’t going to be any electrolyte-replacement on the course (apparently the shipment hadn’t come in, and there aren’t any running stores on the island of Maui), but I had brought my own water bottle, salt tabs and even a HotShot shot to try to combat the heat.

I had trained pretty well for the race, although there was also the matter of training over the holidays, wedding planning, some insecurity around my work, AND the fact my father underwent heart surgery a few days before our trip. With all that in mind, I took pressure off myself completely and told myself to focus on being grateful for the ability to run, and not expect anything more from the day.


Ha, and I was glad I did! The humidity was insane; despite the fact it was well before sunrise, I was wiping sweat off my back within the first several miles.

I started out aggressively, but knew pretty quickly that this wasn’t going to be my day. Which was fine. I had my camera, my Spotify playlist was mostly 90s tunes, and I was hoping to spot some whales!

The course ran along the highway, but it wasn’t too crowded with either people or vehicles until close to the end. There were fantastic aid stations (I think they were vying for some sort of charity award or something).  It was a long run that just gave me time to reflect.

I was grateful for the ability to run. I was grateful to have an amazing soon-to-be-wife. I was grateful that we were able to come to Hawaii for a wedding, even if my parents weren’t able to make it. I was grateful that we had traveled to see my Dad the week before, as he went into surgery. I was grateful to have my brother and his family come to my wedding (we only see each other every few years!)

The run took longer than expected, and it was hot, and hard. But it was pretty to run along the coast, looking for whales. (I didn’t see any; Sara did during the half).

I can’t imagine there are many ‘easy’ marathons in Hawaii; we met some folks in Kauai the following week who had run a race that was 16 laps of a 1.64 mile loop through a park. Oof! So this one at least was pretty!





In all, I ended up finishing in a respectable 3:47:56, so I absolutely have nothing to complain about! [although for the record, it was about 1.5 min per mile slower than Houston…]

Just one more happy memory from an amazing wedding and honeymoon trip <3


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