Shoes and Brews Solemates 5K 2016 Race Report

solematesLast Spring, Sara, our friend Andrea and I ran the Shoes and Brews CollaBEERation 5K up in Longmont. It was a great fun event, and we were excited to sign up for their fall version of the race and beer festival. Sadly, Andrea was out of town but Sara and I headed up to enjoy this race on a beautiful fall day.

The course was similar to last time; from Left Hand Brewery towards a park, around a body of water, back down the bike path to Shoes and Brews. The course actually has a little bit of undulating hills, but nothing too bad.

I remembered the congestion (and lack of chip timing) from last time, so lined up fairly close to the front. I told myself not to go out too crazy; I wanted it to feel comfortably hard and not to die 🙂 So I only glanced at my watch at the mile markers, but ran by feel.

It went great! I don’t think any women passed me through the entire race. It was annoying, though, whereas the last course had us leave the bike path to run down a frontage road, this stayed on the bikepath. I kept waiting for the transition to ‘drop the hammer’ and it never came. :-/  So I did pick it up at the end, but it wasn’t how I envisioned it.

Sara had forgotten her watch, but we agreed it was probably good for her to run by feel too. And I think it was, because she came across the line in a great PR time!   Julianne from Rev Running had run with her boyfriend as well, and when Julianne and I compared watches, we both had 3.02 miles recorded. I tried to tell Sara that a course is a course and you use that distance, but I will admit that I feel a bit uneasy reporting on my time.

My goal had been to break 22 min, with a secret goal to break 21. (and/or faster than 7mms)

Officially I ran 20:45, but that’s not so impressive if the course was actually that short. :-/

Mile 1: 7:04
Mile 2: 6:56
Mile 3: 6:41

Clock time: 20:45

Post-race beers

Celebrating post-run with some beer from Left Hand!

3.02miles, that’s a 6:52 pace
3.1 miles, that’s a 6:41 pace
if I take the 6:52 pace and account for the shortened distance, that’d be 21:18. Still a great time, but it’s no 20:45 😉

Regardless of the distance, though, I did come in 2nd in my age group, 4th woman overall. So I can’t complain about that!!

Overall the race felt pretty good. I think I ran smart, and it paid off. Gets me excited for my upcoming race season!

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