The Requisite Pain After a “High” Mileage Week

A few weeks ago, Rev Runners were supposed to do a 2 mile time trial to check our pace and max heart rate. It was over 90 degrees that day, so I decided to just wait it out because I was planning to run the Avery 4K on the 4th. (4K = ~2.5 miles). I wanted to see what I could do in a real race situation!

Our training plan called for this to be a bit of a recovery week in anticipation of the race. I started out the week feeling great after my highest mileage for months, but of course that seems to backfire on me more often than not.

On Wednesday I got the latest Brooks racing shoes; the Hyperion. I was in love with the shoes the moment I saw em. Yes, totally vanity-driven but they were a lot more attractive than the racers I’ve used off and on for years.


They arrived Wednesday, so I took them out for their maiden voyage Thursday morning; my calves felt a bit tight in them, so I knew I’d need to spend some time working up to long distances in them. Then at yoga I mentioned my tight calves, so Scott threw in some extra calf work. Then at Rev Running workout that night we did an easy 40 min and then were supposed to do 8x20sec strides. I say “supposed to” because after an amazing first few strides my right…calf…seized…into…a…ball…of…fire.

Well crap. I had a “see how fast I can possibly run for a short period of time” race four days later.

So, I’ve been rotating calf compression sleeves, taking anti-inflammatories, icing and elevating for most of the weekend. I didn’t want to irritate my calf too much, but massaging the rest of my leg also really seemed to help.

On Sunday Sara and I went out to see how things were; I wore my Hokas and gingerly ticked off 4.5 miles. We had to start off slow but I felt decent by the end. The good news was that my calf was definitely feeling better daily. However, I really wasn’t sure about how aggressively I should go out on Monday, nor which shoes I should wear. This race was somewhat important to me, but not enough to do more serious damage. It’s frustrating that I get these little niggly pains as I’m starting to hit my stride in training, but at least I know it’s all a cycle. A couple days off now is better than weeks or months off later!

Before bed I did a couple steps running in my new Hyperions, and a few in the hokas and the Hyperions actually felt better than the others! I decided to bring both to the race and make a game-time decision. How did it go? You’ll have to check out the race report to find out!

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