May 30 – June 5

Hit a bit of a slump this week but finished it off all right!

Mon: rest

Tues: 5 miles (8:40 pace)

Wed: National Running Day! 7 miles in Boulder. I didn’t feel great to start but it got better. With 3 miles to go I was ~36 min so I set a goal to run the last 3 in 8mm to try to finish in less than an hour.
M1: 9:05
M2: 8:53
M3: 8:47
M4: 8:44
M5: 7:51
M6: 7:38
M7: 7:17 !!!
Overall: 58:15 (8:23 pace)

Thurs: Tried to do a tempo workout: My legs didn’t want to do 2×1.5miles so I ended up doing 1×1.5 miles and cutting it to 4.25 miles total (rather than 6)
first mile: 9:31
next 1.5: 6:56 pace
last 1.75: 8:29 pace

Fri: wasn’t feelin it. (rest)

Sat: the plan was for 6 miles with Sara but we were both anxious so I ended up running a single mile. I debated going out again later but I just wasnt mentally feeling ‘there’

Sun: Redemption! A pretty (hilly) 14 miles in 2:01:53. (8:42mm) We got up at 5:45 to head to the Springs but just weren’t quite feeling it. I was glad I stayed in town and gutted this one out.
Cherry Creek rez

Total: 31.25 miles.

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