Hitting the hills (on the treadmill)

It was 100F today!!! I knew I wasnt going to manage a 6pm hill workout in that heat, so I sit the ‘mill instead.

The workout:
10 min warmup
8 hill repeats: 1 min*4, 2min*1, 1min*3.
10 min cooldown

I kept the incline consistent, 5% grade everytime. For the 1 min repeats I set the treadmill at a 7:30 pace. For the 2min I set it at 8:00 for the first minute, then 7:30 for the second. For my last repeat, I sped it up to 7:00 for the last 30 seconds.

The last few repeats were TOUGH… but I was glad to do them on the TM so it forced me to keep pushing at that pace!

In all, I completed 4 miles in 36:25. Not too shabby!

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