May 23 – 29

I’m enjoying this little bit of accountability, even if no one reads these but me 🙂

Mon: rest (I was a bit sore after the Barr Trail run on Sunday)

Tues: Interval run w/ Rev Running. The workout was 7min @ 10K pace, then 6x90sec @ 5K pace. I thought I wanted about 7:30 / 7ish paces
7min: 7:22 pace
x1: 6:53 pace
x2: 6:53 pace
x3: 6:58 pace
x4: 6:54 pace
x5: 6:33 pace
x6: (leave it all on the track): 6:18 pace
Afterwards, they held a beer mile (with relay options). I did NOT participate, but it was fun to watch 🙂
Total: 4.75 miles

Wed: 4 miles @ 9:17

Thurs: wasnt feeling good AT ALL and it was threatening to downpour, so rest. I did buy new Hokas (the Clifton 2), so that counts for something, right?

Fri: 5 miles @ 8:59

Sat: Sara and I ran downtown to my work, had brunch and then took the train home. 10 miles @ 9:17

imageSun: back down to Manitou! This time we decided to run up for about 90 min to see how far we could get. (We started at the bottom of the Barr Trail Trailhead). I realized that I could probably make it up 5, so I set that as a goal. I hit the 5th mile marker right around 1:20, so I stopped there, sat down and enjoyed half a bobobar (and took a selfie!), rested a bit and then headed down.
I felt SO MUCH BETTER than last week on the downhills! (well, through all of it.) That’s why we train, I guess! Last week the downhills miles were all over 13 min, so even though we went longer this time, I was faster than last week on those same miles.
Just for fun, here’s my splits:
x1: 16:12
x2: 17:49
x3: 17:04
x4: 16:23
x5: 12:36
x6: 10:57
x7: 10:35
x8: 12:37
x9: 12:11
x10: 8:23
1:20 up (16mm)
:58 down (just shy of 12mm)

10miles barr trail

Made it back north of 30 mpw for the first time in awhile… and was pleasantly surprised with pulling back-to-back 10s. Sure, trails are easier on the joints, but I was on my feet for a heck of a lot longer! I’m really glad we’re already getting some good training runs in; I look forward to seeing how it all pans out in August! I was thinking that it’d be a great focus to really see what I could do in the Ascent….

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