Taper Time Training (April )

After last week’s heavy training, I took it quite a bit easier this week.

Monday: off!
Tuesday: easy 6 miles. Like, REALLY easy. I went to Boulder for work so I got to enjoy the ole trails in south Boulder. Geez, I want to move back! It was very peaceful, except for when I came across a huge herd of cattle (with their babies) and had to walk through them. I was seriously concerned I’d be trampled!
Wed: Insanity Cardio Abs
Thurs: ran an easy loop around Wash Park in the morning with Sara, then went met the Rev Running group for a great workout Thurs night (around 8 miles total this day)
Fri: my knee was bugging me so I did around 2.5 easy and then did some stretches and hip work. Did a ton of rolling with the foam roller and the roll recovery. I NEED TO DO THIS MORE. Then I did the P90X Ab Ripper video.
Sat: there was a winter storm warning in Denver so I wasnt super jazzed about trying to do 16 miles (with some at race pace) outdoors. Instead, I queued up the Insanity Plyometrics Cardio Circuit. This thing is insane, for real!
Sun: tried to head outside for 16, but the snow was a bit deterrent. I tried to hit up the park and initially it was fun and then it just was ridiculous. So I “ran” 3 and then came home and hit up the hot tub. Recovery is important, right???


So, I guess my taper has started??

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