I’m not good at tapering…

Granted, I didn’t get in a long run this weekend due to our crazy Spring snowstorm. But I sorta made up for it today (Tuesday).

1. Ran to pick up my car at the train station (1 mile)
2. Dropped it to get an oil change, ran home from the shop. (1 mile)
3. Ran back to the shop to pick up the car. (2.6 miles)
4. Went to Rev Running’s workout! (7.28 miles)

Total: 13.48 miles in 1:54:30 (8:30 pace). Geez. I would have run another .02 if I realized the distance!!

The Workout was a good tough one:

First 30 mins @ Easy run pace; Next 10 mins @ Marathon Race Pace; Next 10 mins @ HM Race Pace; Final 5 mins @ Tempo pace; Cool down 5 mins easy. (60 mins total run time); Essentially, every pick up is roughly 10 – 15 secs per mile faster than the previous pace

It was good to have a nice solid group to run with; there were 5 of us (4 of us gearing up for Eugene).

First 30 min: 3.53 miles @ 8:35 pace
Next 10 (target MP): 1.28miles @ 7:50 pace
Next 10 (target HMP): 1.36 miles @ 7:27 pace
Last 5 (target tempo): .68 @ 7:04 pace

So – the MP was right on, but the rest were TOO FAST! I recognized it early on but didn’t want to put the brakes on too much. I said something to Leif about going too fast and he said “everyone is”.

I AM glad that I was able to pick it up.. and honestly, I feel good and strong and fast. Things are coming together – 12 more days!!!

And I WILL taper and look after myself. This was just a weird day. I know that I need to get to that start line feeling strong!

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