Training for the Eugene Marathon with Revolution Running

In December I signed up for the Revolution Running training group in Denver. Many from the group are training for the Eugene Marathon in May. I haven’t completed Oregon yet and I’ve heard great things about the race, so I was excited to start training and set that as my goal race.

The training group is pretty cool, we get weekly plans and then the group meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays are speedwork, Thursdays are tempo runs and Saturdays are long runs.

Can you spot me?

Can you spot me?

Kathryn runs with me, and we have a decent group of other folks at about our pace to run with. I’ve done a couple Tuesday runs and several Saturdays – haven’t made it out to a Thursday run yet.

My goal for this race is 3:30, and I’m excited to do the speedwork as I think that should get me there! Kathryn and I are at the back of our group runs on Tuesdays, which is humbling and inspiring.

Today we went out in a small pace group of 6 people, aiming for between 12-14 miles. We ended up around 14.75, and one girl suggested we do a 3 mile pickup on the way back at a 7:50 pace. I wasnt sure I’d be able to keep up but after a bit of struggle at the end of the first mile, I was able to really hold on and even push the pace in the last mile.

It was great to be out there working hard, and I look forward to seeing what happens in May!

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