Getting the miles up

Training is getting serious! After a hard tempo workout Thurs night and HIIT with Orange Theory Fitness on Friday morning, I met Kathryn for a 16.x mile long run Saturday.

Kathryn isn’t so good at that “your long run should be 90-120 seconds slower than race pace” stuff, and I keep getting sucked in!

Feb 13 Loop

We did a huge loop, and around mile 5/6 I told her we were going too fast… unfortunately I think I still paid for them in the last couple, which were really rough.

For those playing along at home, my goal for Eugene is sub 3:30, which is an 8 minute mile. A lot of running plans say that those long runs should be at least a minute per mile slow er than race pace. Let’s see how we did…

1: 9:39
2: 8:53
3: 8:28
4: 8:36
5: 8:28
6: 8:31
7: 8:29 – Funny, this was where I said we were going too fast…
8: 8:14 – so what the heck is this????
9: 8:42
10: 8:40 – This was where we stopped for water at Union Station and regrouped
11: 8:58
12: 8:46
13: 8:54
14: 8:40
15: 8:48
16: 8:45
.45: 8:59 pace
16.45 in 2:23:36 (8:44 pace)

Ok, so looking at this I actually didn’t fall apart like I felt I did, but it sure was a LOT harder to run those last few miles!

In the afternoon I really stretched a lot – my right knee felt surprisingly unstable (?). I’m a bit sore today but it also feels good, like I’m getting some good training in!

I just don’t want these long runs to be too aggressive so that I can’t really pour on the speed during the speed training, because I really think that’s what’ll make the difference for me in May.

So far this week I’m up at 36 miles (over 4 days) so I’d like to grab an easy 4 today just to get up to 40. That seems like a good weekly mileage for me – although with my trips coming up it may not be sustainable. I’m really excited to see what I can do come race day!

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