Eugene is going to be awesome!

I’m really enjoying my Revolution Running training. Working hard, well beyond just doing long runs.

Yesterday was my first tempo run with them:

15 min warmup, drills, then 2*12 at HMP (2min recovery) then 15 min cooldown.

The group I run with is FAST! There were about 6 people ahead of me and 2 with/behind me. I had thought I’d run around a 7:40 pace, and my ego didn’t let me get THAT far behind 🙂

Interval 1: 1.66miles in 12:04 (7:16 pace)
Interval 2: 1.67miles in 11:58 (7:10 pace)

Even with speeding up the second time, the group ahead of me was even further away!

This morning I also did Orange Theory so now I’m wiped!

Getting strong!

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