2015 Colfax 5K Race Report

Recent_Race_Results_for_the_Colfax_MarathonMy third 5K of the year was two years to the day after the knee injury that lead to my surgery. I’m definitely feeling like a strong runner again!

I had a pretty high mileage week and this definitely wasn’t an important race for me – I told Sara I didn’t really plan to push. Of course, that never actually happens.. 🙂

The race was at City Park, but the course wasn’t the standard one. It was actually nice for it to be different. It was a really crowded race so I started a little ways from the front. My calves had been hurting since Thursday so I wasnt sure how they’d feel, but the compression sleeves I slept in last night must have helped. I started out in what I felt was a decent but relatively comfortable clip – I actually did worry briefly that my legs felt heavy and I may have trouble running 7:30 – 8 in the relay on Sunday.
About a half mile in I looked at my watch and I was at a 6:43! Whoa! So that was a little too quick… 🙂 so I eased my way back.

The course wasn’t too crowded, which was nice. I felt comfortable passing people the first mile or so and then things thinned out. There was a tall thin runner aways ahead of me. At first I didn’t pay her much attention but I definitely noticed I was gaining on her.

M1: 7:14

About 1.5 miles in I passed a couple guys, and we ran close to each other. A little shy of 2 miles one of them caught up with me and I said “good run”. He thanked me for my pace, said it was keeping him on his toes. We ran together briefly and then I felt him pulling away slightly. I joked “can you go up there and trip that girl?” He asked if that would put me in first place. Heck no! But it was a really kind thing to say 🙂 So he took off, but I definitely felt that the girl was in my sights.

M2: 7:09

I was feeling pretty good although it was a little warm. I had the one girl in my sights so I started to accelerate a little more, but I didn’t want to go out too fast. With about a half mile to go I caught up with the girl and my friend in the orange shorts, and he encouraged me to ‘go for it!”. I was thinking that the last two 5Ks I did were in the 23 min range, and when I saw 20-something on my watch, I was super excited!

M3: 6:49

The finish line was a little weird; for the last quarter mile or so you were headed back in sight of the start line but there was no announcer or anything. The right before the start you turned again and there was a finisher’s chute ahead of you. I tried to pile on a bit more speed and pass the next guy ahead of me.

Last bit: 5:52 pace (my watch says .18, although the course would say .1)

I came in at 22:12, pretty excited that this was my fastest 5K this year. Sara came in just a few minutes later and we enjoyed the sunshine and post-race expo. She suggested we wait around for awards, and sure enough I netted 3rd in my age group! (30-39).

It’s a funny thing, though. I went back to check my race results and 22:12 is exactly what I ran at the Bunny Bolt in City Park in April. And although I wasnt trying to race, I felt a bit disappointed when I realized my mistake. Things are funny that way; I was happy with my performance until I compared it to a goal I set after the fact.

One thing though: I definitely felt way more relaxed during this race. I can tell I’m getting fitter and feeling more comfortable at this 7-7:15ish pace. Sure, I’m nowhere near when I ran a freaking marathon at that pace, but it’s something….

I think Sara and I are going to find a target 5K for the fall and really focus on honing our training for the distance.

In the meantime – I’ve got the Colfax Marathon Relay tomorrow and then three weeks til the Deadwood-Michelson Trail Marathon!

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