Bunny Bolt 5K Race Report

Well, I think it’s fair to say I’m back again..

Bunny boltToday I ran the Bunny Bolt 5K with my mom and Sara. Well, we went to the race together but each ran our own race. I had a bit of nerves leading up to the race, as I wanted to try to see what I could do at this distance. I haven’t run an official 5K race since before my surgery, although I’ve been doing a lot of speedwork due to Orange Theory Fitness.

This is really a family-oriented race and a few days before the event they sent out an email saying that those who were targeting an 8min mile pace to line up at the front. That got me thinking that I should really see what I could do. (also, they had a golden egg hunt DURING the race – you were supposed to keep your eyes out for golden eggs with prizes inside. Surely it wasnt that serious if people were also doing that??)

The three of us warmed up a little before the race, doing some short sprints and high knees. It was a little windy at the start but pretty warm as the race didnt start til 10am.

I lined up pretty close to the start, eyeing a tall female runner in pink lululemon shorts as competition for me to focus on. Soon enough we were off! And I went out strong – strong enough that my watch was reading a 6:43 pace in the first tenth of a mile. Whoops! I backed off because that was just silly.

I actually fell into an aggressive yet mostly comfortable pace quickly. I didnt worry what my watch said as I didn’t have a specific goal in mind; I thought I’d want to do about 7:30 but I was going to just run and see what came of it. I passed Pink Shorts within a half mile, and then decided what the heck, I’d swoop down and grab a golden egg so she passed me. I opened it on the run and saw it didnt have a great prize listed in it, so I dropped it for another runner to find (you were only allowed to finish with one egg). I passed Pink Shorts again.

According to my Garmin, I hit the first mile in 7:04.

Honestly, this was actually a pretty FUN 5K; I was breathing hard but not really killing myself, and I played with it a bit. I’d be breathing hard but then purposely be quiet as I passed women so that it seemed like it was no big deal and I was completely relaxed.

One nice thing about this course (City Park, where I’ve run plenty of 5Ks) is that there are several out-and-backs so you can see who’s in front or behind you. I knew there were a handful of women ahead of me, but I didnt know if they were running the 5K or the 10K.

According to my Garmin, I hit the second mile in 7:02. Pink shorts was still behind me.

The third mile I was still feeling pretty good, and I caught two more women in this last mile. I cruised by one and then slowed to grab an egg; another inspirational message. Dang! Then I had to pass the woman again, which I did handily and kept pushing. I remembered a race back here at City Park in 2011 when I thought I was safe at mile 3 and was passed in the last moment by another woman, so I knew I wanted to finish strong.

And I did! I crossed the line in 22:12 according to the official finishing results, which I was ecstatic about. That last mile was at a 6:56 pace and the last bit was a 6:39 pace (again, according to Garmin)!

Time: 22:12 (7:08 pace – my Garmin claims I ran 3.18, so take the paces above w/ a grain of salt)
4th woman overall out of 323
3rd in my age group (darn fast 30-somethings!) out of 108
13th overall out of 484.

bunnybolt-threeSoon enough Sara came through in 26:37 – which was fantastic! She felt good and ran smart, staying steady for the first two miles and then speeding up. Seriously, she paced fantastic, especially for her first ever 5K?? She placed 4th in her age group. The age groups were by 10 year increments, which was too bad as one of the girls ahead of her was 21. If they were 5 year age groups she would have been 3rd!

My Mom came in at 32:20, which she said was really tough for her: it was warm and she doesn’t live at this altitude. But she placed second in HER age group, and later we realized that she had actually exceeded her own goal (she wanted to run 6:30min/km and she ran 6:28).

Overall, a great day! It’s great to feel like a strong, confident runner again. 🙂

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