Raw Frozen Raspberry Cheesecake

raw cheesecakeGrowing up, frozen raspberry cheesecake was my FAVORITE dessert. Giving up dairy means it’s been quite awhile since I enjoyed something reminiscent of this treat, but I’d seen a few recipes that made me think a vegan alternative was possible. A few weeks ago I finally decided to give one a try –

The recipe is from a blog calledMy New Roots, and the dessert is referred to as a Raw Cashew Dreamcake. Yum!

It was incredibly simple, and the ingredient list was nice and short:

Crust: almonds, dates
Cake: cashews soaked overnight, agave, lemon, frozen raspberries.

The recipe also called for vanilla, but I didn’t have any.

In forming the crust, I should have chopped the almonds first before putting the dates in the vitamix, as they globbed together and didn’t get as fine as I would have liked.

Mixing together the ingredients for the cake itself was easy. I basically only made an individual sized cake, and I didn’t have a springform pan, so I placed the ingredients in a pyrex container with parchment paper. That actually worked out really well, as I was able to pull the cake right out of the container to slice it.

It was delicious! Nice and rich and it really did remind me of the dessert I enjoyed as a child (with a slightly chunkier crust). I enjoyed this so much that I actually ended up getting little individual sized springform pans for next time!

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