Veggie chili with lentils and rice

chiliSo I’ve discovered a problem with becoming more comfortable with cooking – I don’t consult recipes as much! Instead, I’m increasingly doing the “raid the fridge and throw it in a pot” game. But sometimes, the concoctions come out pretty well!

Veggie chili:
– one yellow pepper, diced
– half a red onion, diced
– garlic
– one can fire-something tomatoes
– half a can leftover lentils
– can of black beans
– veggie broth
– rice
– lime juice
– spices: cumin, ancho chili pepper, peruvian lime seasoning

spicesPretty straight-forward.. I sauteed the peppers and onion and then added some of the spices. Then I threw in the tomatoes, lentils, beans and broth. Added more seasonings and a bit of lime juice. Heated it to a boil, then let it simmer for about a half hour. Then added the rice.

I was pretty impressed! The spices smelled amazing as it was cooking, but didn’t end up being overpowering. I love rice in chili!

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