I don’t think this is what they meant by periodization

Sports periodization refers to focusing on particular aspects during a training cycle. Back when I was training following the Pfitzinger Advanced Marathoning plan, there were several discrete phases to the program:
Mesocycle 1: Endurance
Mesocycle 2: Lactate Threshold and Endurance
Mesocycle 3: Race Preparation
Mesocycle 4: Taper and Race

The idea is that each cycle has a particular focus to help you get to the place you need to be.

So what periodization am I referring to in the title of this post?

well, so apparently I have my own cycles.
November 2011: Start training with Running Republic of Boulder to focus on speed and racing
September 2012: Quit RRBs because I’m insecure about racing and want to run for fun
November 2012: Start training with Athletics Boulder to focus on speed and racing
May 2013: Quit Athletics Boulder because I’m insecure about racing and want to run for fun

Things are a little different this time around. Last September I waited until I was burnt out and run into the ground. This time I had a breakthrough moment that stressing myself out about races wasn’t making me happy, and I wanted to stop.
Uhm… stop stressing…Not stop racing. I actually wanted to do MORE races.. just slower. and longer.

Yes, Marathoner Andrea wants to be back. But unlike back in 2008-2011, I want to actually train for them! Just not the way my training has been going, wherein I stress about living up to timegoals I think I “should” be able to hit.

I had a great talk with Amy Schneider after the race last weekend and we talked about trail racing, and I was overwhelmed with a rush of emotion. I’m missing out on these races I really enjoy… so I can train and try to race a road race that makes me hate life while I’m running? That makes no sense.

That’s not to say I’m done with training. Just this type of training I’ve been doing: very structured, with a focus towards pushing myself to the edge on a road race. I certainly want to train to get faster, but in a way that won’t make me feel like I’ve lost the race before I even pin on my bib.

Honestly, I think I’d see marked improvement if I just engaged with a sports psych rather than a coach. They probably have those around here in Boulder somewhere.. but in the meantime, I’m going to just take some time and enjoy the summer in Colorado!

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