Coconut Cornbread

Tonight I decided to try making cornbread again. A few months ago I tried a recipe from Supermarket Vegan that was a Black-Bean and Coconut-Cornbread Bake, which ended up being a little lacking. Tonight I skipped the fancy black bean and tomatoes and tried to just modify the recipe to make coconut cornbread.

The first modification I had to make was to replace the all-purpose flour with something gluten-free. I had some coconut flour; perfect! However, the coconut flour advises that you need to add egg when using it to replace flour. So I had to replace that with Ener-G egg replacer.

1cup coconut flour
1cup yellow cornmeal
1.25 tsp baking powder (and whoops.. I just realized I’d have doubled the flour and cornmeal, and didn’t double this…)
Ener-g egg replacer and water
1 can coconut milk
however much frozen corn I had left in the freezer
2 tbsp coconut oil (again, this should have probably been doubled)
agave nectar

And since it’s coconut cornbread, I threw in some grated coconut for good measure!

Everything went in an 8×8″ baking dish, and was baked for 30 min at 350. Pretty easy!

And… apparently I still have some refinements to do on my cornbread. It ended up pretty crumbly and doesn’t have a nice brownish topping. Part of me can’t help but think that I may never be able to make the vegan, gluten-free cornbread of my dreams, but I may keep trying…


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