Race Week!

Yes, if you only follow my blog you may think I’ve stopped running and started focusing more on eating right, but that wouldn’t be the case! It’s race week again and I’m excited to say I’m feeling great and looking forward to it!

Right after RnRAZ I ended up getting sick, but since I’d met my goal I was okay with it.. I was excited for what I’d accomplished, but also eager to see what more I could do.

Before RnRAZ I was struggling with a sore hip, but it seems to be all but resolved now. Right after the race I set myself a foam-roll-and-lacrosse-ball nightly goal, although I probably am only doing it 5x/week now:

  • 4 min foam roll per leg
  • 2 min lacrosse ball glutes
  • 3 min lacrosse ball hips

I DO have a massage appointment with Geoff on Wednesday and an appointment with Richey on Friday to get Rock-taped, but in general I’m feeling strong! I ran 55 miles last week and ended up just shy of 50 this week (UGH! If I’d have known how close, I’d have run the extra .84 miles!) I am feeling great about running, although I know I need to cut back this week so I’m fresh on the start line.

Mileage before NOLA

Two weeks ago I wasn’t sure this “five weeks between races” was a good idea, because I was feeling like I was just coming off the last race and wasn’t hungry enough for this one. (Thankfully, I felt like i recovered right away so that wasn’t an issue). But having Jay set out a few “race-prep-specific” workouts helped to get me mentally in the game.

We’ve started working with a medicine ball for part of our GSM (General Strength and Mobility) work, which I’m excited about. Mostly because it meant I had to invest in a med ball! Although I love all the running I’m doing, I do miss doing strength training and I really want to try to start getting back into that more than just the twice a week I do it with the group. It’s all just a matter of time. I also told myself last week I want to make it to yoga twice a week.. and then haven’t gone at all this week. I suppose I should reflect on a quote I came across last week:

There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.

–Kenneth H. Blanchard

I’m not quite at the stage of commitment yet for this stuff. And that’s ok. I have a lot of commitments I feel I need to fulfill. Intentions are good enough for now in that respect! My primary focus is on getting in some quality running workouts (but supplementing with a little strength work to stay healthy and strong). I’m definitely committed to that!

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