Jamaican-style Black Bean and Coconut-Cornbread Bake

The second (“experimental”) recipe I made for my first vegan potluck was from the Supermarket Vegan cookbook I picked up a few weeks ago. I was a bit unsure how this one would go, hence my making two items 🙂

The recipe itself called for all-purpose flour, so I tried to improvise. Rather than a half cup of all-purpose flour, I used about 1/3 cup coconut flour, 1/6th all-purpose gluten-free pastry flour, AND added in a bit of ener-g egg replacer. This was my first time cooking with coconut flour, and I’d read that you were supposed to increase the amount of egg in a recipe when it was used. This recipe (obviously) didn’t call for any egg, but I figured I’d add in some replacer just to try to have the right binding properties.

The bake was basically two separate layers: first you mixed together black beans, corn, tomatoes w/ green chilies and jerk seasoning and placed it in the pan. Then you mixed together the cornbread ingredients, and poured it on top.

I was a bit skeptical of the bake once I pulled everything together, I just wasn’t sure about this “two layer” thing. Then I made the rookie mistake of not considering that it wouldn’t be reheated again at the potluck location.. I honestly barely tried it myself at the potluck because there were so many other options!

Back at home later I heated some up and was underwhelmed. I just haven’t found a vegan cornbread that lives up to my expectations, and the flavors of the two parts just weren’t mixed as I guess I expected them to be. In all, though, it was a great recipe to try for a potluck – I’m not stuck with a whole pan full of leftovers!

EDIT: Ok, I warmed some up again a day later, with the two layers mixed together and actually really liked it! There is a tiny bit of agave in it, and I liked the blend of the light spice of the beans with the sweet cornbread. This isn’t a complete fail!

Onto the next one!


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