Confetti Guacamole Stuffed Peppers

Last night I attended my first vegan potluck here in Boulder! My friends Rick and Laura invited me, and I actually got excited to be able to try out some recipes. I brought two things: one I was sure would go over well, and another test item.

The one I knew would be a winner was something I found on – Peppers stuffed with confetti guacamole.

What is confetti guacamole, you may ask? Basically it’s guacamole with kale, zucchini, red onion, bell pepper and chickpeas (and lime juice). I adore guacamole, but this made for a really special treat with all the added bits!

Guacamole confetti stuffed peppers

As I was prepping this for the party, I hadn’t considered the prep time in dicing all the veggies, so this actually took longer than I’d have expected. But it was great!

The recipe said it would make enough for 6, so I scaled it up for the 8 people we were supposed to bring food for. I still ended up with ton of extra stuffing, score! It was great on a sandwich the next morning as well. Definitely a keeper!

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