Go eat a sandwich

psoasThe other day I posted about my massage on facebook, along with the picture of me in my PJ pants and sports bra. A friend commented “Nice abs. Now go eat a sandwich”. (She then followed with a second comment “You’re making the rest of us look bad.”)

Now maybe it’s because I know disordered eating is far too prevalent in the fitness world (there is a reason why the term “Female Athlete Triad Syndrome” exists), but her comment really struck me. I DO pay attention to what I eat, and work hard on my body and take pride in it. But I would hope that I’m not seen as someone with poor body image and unhealthy habits.

The irony in her comment is that I would very rarely actually eat a sandwich.. I’m about 90% vegan and gluten-free, and try to stay away from overly-processed food. I guess for some, that isn’t a totally healthy relationship with food, but I see it more as honoring my body and trying to fuel myself with real quality food.

Also, I eat a LOT. Probably more than you 🙂 I’ve had many a conversation with my running friends who’re hungry during a morning run because they didnt eat first. I don’t run to manage my weight, so I usually fuel up before a run so I can have a good workout.

Since this friend’s comment was fresh in my mind, I thought I’d make note of what I’d eaten all before noon on Sunday.

7:30am – quinoa in almond milk with coconut, blueberries, cinnamon, ginger, protein powder and maca powder. tea.
10:30am (post run) – a tofu scramble in lime olive oil, with onion, red pepper, mushrooms, green olives, tomato, melted daiya cheese, made with turmeric and cumin. I actually DID it eat on bread: a vegan raisin-pecan bread from Food of Life. Yum!


Not that I’m the skinniest gal on the block (hell, I don’t really consider myself skinny and that’s not my goal – I want to be ripped!), but I felt like I wanted to respond to the comment. There are so many athletes out there that DO restrict food or see their bodies as enemies to overcome. That’s not me. I want to honor the body I have so it’ll perform well. I wish more women could see the benefits in loving your body and treating it well, rather than fighting against it and trying to force it to perform or look like you want.

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