2013: A Year of 52 (Vegan, Gluten-free) Recipes

Ok, so I guess it’s not a resolution if you start it on the 13th of the month, but oh well! It occurred to me that I’ve decided unofficially to start getting back into preparing more meals, and I know I do best with accountability. So here goes – I’ll prepare (and track) 52 new recipes in 2013, so averaging one new recipe a week.

Up until two years ago, I HATED cooking. It took too long, I had no confidence, half the time by the time I cooked something I wasn’t hungry/the smell grossed me out/whatever whatever. Then I started eating clean, and vegetarian/vegan, and things changed. I started to ENJOY cooking; crafting healthy tasty food. Now I really enjoy it, and this is just that one tiny nudge to encourage me to do something I enjoy. Everything I prepare will be vegan and gluten-free, meaning no eggs, no dairy, no wheat. And probably no white sugar. Ideally there won’t be a ton of sweeteners in what I make, but now and then I may use some agave.

I’ve already gotten off to a good start! Which is great because I expect there will be plenty of weeks where I won’t have the time to do anything.

  1. My standard ingredients in a slightly different twist: Spinach and chickpea coconut curry
  2. What the heck is radicchio?
  3. YUM! A simple and delicious raw frozen raspberry cheesecake
  4. A beloved childhood dessert – Strawberry-rhubarb pie-in-a-glass
  5. Portabello mushrooms: simplest meal ever? Portabellos with a Cilantro-Mustard Seed Crust
  6. Didn’t use a recipe for this one and it turned out just fine! Veggie chili with lentils and rice
  7. There may be a reason why recipes don’t call for canned lentils – my Rosemary Lentils recipe was less than stellar
  8. The quest to make the ultimate cornbread continues with this attempt at Coconut cornbread
  9. Raw Pumpkin Seed Milk – Yum! My first real experiment with the Vitamix
  10. Greens and Beans (and one lonely carrot)

  11. Broken Noodle Salad – a made-at-home version of a lettuce-free salad I tried in New Orleans
  12. Kale, quinoa and white bean stew – this may be the ultimate recipe following the “a bean, a green and a grain” formula!
  13. Confetti Guacamole-Stuffed Peppers – I made these for a potluck and really liked the presentation of them. Happily the recipe left lots of extra stuffing, which I’ll enjoy for a few days!
  14. Jamaican-style Black Bean and Coconut-Cornbread Bake – I wasn’t too sure of this one at first, but it grew on me
  15. Curried Eggplant and Chickpea Stew – my first recipe from my Supermarket Vegan cookbook, looking forward to trying more! Quick and easy!
  16. Tofu Vindaloo – We went to Savory Spice Shop one afternoon and I picked up some interesting vindaloo seasoning. So of course then I needed to figure out what to do with it! This recipe was really, really good. Also, I was a goofball while making it and kept singing “Tofu Vindaloo” to the tune of “Brown Girl in the Ring”.
  17. vindaloo

  18. Spinach Lemon Quinoa Bake – This sounded great, but I got part way through the recipe when I realized I only had about half the Spinach I needed. I went ahead and made it anyway, but it ended up just tasting yucky and too sour-creamy. As it is, I had to go out and buy vegan sour cream to make this recipe because I don’t really like that sort of processed crap, so I think I was particularly sensitive to something tasting like that. I won’t be trying this one again!
  19. Carrot Ginger Soup – this was a recipe I got from my Mom. Very carroty-lemony-gingery, and then I added hemp seeds. Surprisingly filling and refreshing
  20. Mushroom Mattar is something new I’ve been enjoying at a local restaurant, so I decided to try it myself. Oddly enough, when I get it at the restaurant I have to pay extra for coconut milk (instead of regular cream?) but this recipe didnt have either. I did add some coconut milk but the end result wasn’t quite what I’ve had before. Still, it was tasty and had a nice hardy feel to it.

    My plan is to update this thread with recipes as I try them, so I have one definitive list at the end of the year. Looking forward to it!

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