July 2012 Roundup

This marked my third highest mileage month of the year, at 198. Pretty impressive given the fact I completed the Leadville Marathon on June 30th. I didn’t rest completely afterwards, but I let my mileage build up over the course of the month to where I want it to be.

Total miles: 198
Days run: 24/31

Events this month included the Superior Downhill Mile, the Four on the Fourth 4K and the Epic Relay (which I still owe a race report for!)

Racing twice the week after the Leadville Marathon may have seemed to indicate I was recovered well, but I think it did cause a bit of a setback. This has been a tough month for me, training-wise. Granted it’s been hot, but I’ve felt that it’s been tough to get my turnover, and I’m just tired during workouts. I’ve been going to AllSports and trying to fuel properly and I’m hoping things will turn around. If not, I’m not adverse to taking the time I need to recover and be able to hit my key workouts hard. I did say to my coach, and want it recorded here, that I accept that running a marathon DOES impact your overall speed afterwards. Although I’d like to, I will not run the Pikes Peak Marathon this year as I really want to do well in Columbus.

I’ve started fitting in a few more two-a-days and still taking a day a week off, and I’ve finally reached an overall weekly average of 40mpw for the year (taking a complete week off after the Houston marathon really affected the average early in the year!)

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