Weekly roundup (April 23 – 29)

The week didn’t start out so well. Didn’t really end much better.

Monday: Less than a mile into my run, I got a shooting pain in my left calf. Jogged it home. 1.5miles at 9:03pace. I’d let my calves bother me for days, and finally my left one said ENOUGH.

Tuesday: Crossft in the morning, I wore a calf sleeve just in case. Met the group for our training run, but felt the stiffness in my calf right away. When we did our strides I felt myself changing my gait and knew running on my leg wasn’t doing me any good. Let the run after the workout, only running 2.57 miles @ 8:24. (I blogged about my calf issues). I did stop at the gym on my way back from Boulder just to burn off some energy (and frustration). I worked on my bench press a bit. My goal for next May (2013) will be 50x70lbs. Yes, lower weight than the Pump and Run but more reps! I benched: 5x55lbs, 5x65lbs,5x75lbs, 4x85lbs, 3x85lbs, 2x(5x80lbs), 4x(10x70lbs), 7x70lbs, 25x45lbs.

Wednesday: NOTHING. Nada. I iced and heated and compressed my leg, but I didn’t exercise at all!

Thursday: considered going to crossfit, but turned off my alarm and actually slept in til almost 9! In the evening I went to the gym. I considered doing a short run to test my leg but when I arrived at the park it started to lightening, so I took that as a sign to give myself one more day. At the gym I focused on my back and biceps, but of course I also worked on my bench press: 5x(5x70lbs), 5x(5x75lbs), 5x80lbs, 4x80lbs, 15x65lbs.

Friday: Finally ready to try my legs out again. I did one loop around Sloan’s Lake, where it was super windy. It felt great to be running again! My leg felt a little achy by the end – interestingly enough, it was my left knee, not my calf. Did 2.5 miles at 8:43. Then a few hours later I had to go to the bank, so I decided to run there. Felt MUCH better! On the way home I decided to see how I felt to run fast – felt great! Ran 2 miles at a 7:47 pace – the first was ~8:45mm, the second was ~6:51! (granted, it was also downhill a bit) Then I was really good about rolling (foam and stick) my legs out completely.

Saturday: Crossfit in the morning, then in the afternoon I hammered out 4 miles at an 8:09 pace. I’d told myself to run easy, and this is what happened!

Sunday: Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Miler in 1:10:01 (unofficial) – 7mm. Got some active release and acupuncture after. My calf at least seems fine!

Total: 23 miles this week. I’m really frustrated with how my race went. I tried scaling back on miles, but I’m not sure that helped. I need to figure this out..

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