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Today I was at my fancy gym, working out a bit before yoga when a girl approached me and asked me how I got to look the way I did. I thanked her for the complement and shared a few thoughts:
– a 3 or 4 day split focusing on hitting all aspects of a muscle group
– creatine, and protein after workouts
– I also run, but any high intensity cardio will help

She told me that she wasn’t allowed to do cardio right now, which sent off little alarm bells in my head. We chatted some more and she shared that she had limited her food and “messed things up”, but now was back up to what was a lot for her – 1500 calories a day. I told her I ate about twice that.. She was actually distressed because she’d put on 6 pounds in a few months and felt it was just sitting on her. We talked about her diet – it was gluten-free, dairy-free but also seemed pretty low fat. I tried to just encourage her to eat to have the strength for workouts and also have the fuel her body needed to grow.

I was touched by the fact she reached out (not just the complement aspect of it, but I felt it was good for her to be open about her past). She actually said she was crushing on my body and just wanted to know if I’d gotten that way by not eating. I was thankful to be able to dispel that thought, and can only hope that she can learn to see food as fuel to help her get to where she wants to be, physically.

It’s fascinating how a single encounter can jolt you out of your little world and life. I hope she gets healthy and strong. I know that I am blessed with good genetics and some people will simply not look the way I do, but I’d love to think I could offer guidance to someone to finding a healthy way to approach their goals.

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