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This weekend I went to an acupuncturist, I’d bought a deal off Living Social for a consult and treatment. He did some intake, asked about my activity level and nutrition. I rattled off my recent allergy test results and also stated I was a vegetarian. He asked why, if it was for ethical, religious or health reasons. I told him it was really for health. He then asked if I’d be willing to consider eating meat if he told me it would be better for me. I replied “probably not”.

So, I guess that’s an answer for myself, isn’t it? It’s NOT just health issues, because if it were, I’d be willing to go back if it were a health-based recommendation. I stuttered out some excuse about how I was “grossed out” by the treatment of animals to get them prepared for food. It wasn’t really an “animal cruelty” response, but it was something deeper than “I think it’s better to eat plants than animals”. Although I’ve said that I just see food as fuel, I guess it’s not all that simple.

I am nervous about my new diet, though. My last two races haven’t gone well, and I don’t know if it’s related to some sort of deficiencies. I’m actually more concerned about the gluten than the animal products, though. Although you can’t really be carb-deficient.. and I am eating a lot of quinoa, rice and fruits and veggies.

The acupuncturist did say that a vegetarian diet is one that is cooling, and the body needs to expend extra energy heating the food you eat (I sorta think that is more raw than vegetarian, but I accepted what he was saying). Since I already expend a lot of energy with my workouts, I should be aware of the extra work my body has to do.

I want to be healthy and strong and good for myself and I guess the world around me. I listened to a podcast the other day where the speaker discussed the idea of optimizing versus maximizing your performance. That sometimes there are trade-offs between health and performance, or other factors. I haven’t quite figured out yet where that line lays with me.


  • oof. that is a tough one! that line between not being a fan of meat/grosses you out/animal cruelty and then your body actually NEEDING it.

    i was a vegan for two years & vegetarian for three. i didn’t really take care of myself that well as far as supplementing my needs. became super unhealthy && way too skinny.

    luckily i had a trader joes close by at the time and i was told that most of their meats were …cage free.. grass fed. etc. etc. that helped my mentality with the animal cruelty part. i mean… i guess a big part of me just had to get over it too. at the time i also didn’t buy anything owned by P&G, because they are huge into animal testing. which was pretty tough to do at most grocery stores. i spent SO MUCH time reading labels, etc, researching online.

    anyways, not sure where i went with that ramble… but i hope you find a solution soon!

    as far as it affecting your races, i know everybody has different standards for themselves.. just know… YOU’RE THE BOMB to me! such a tough, inspiring lady!

    have a great monday!

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I guess what’s frustrating for me is that I am really conscious of what I eat, and I KNOW I eat way better than I did as a meat eater. 2 years ago, I’d skip meals, or stop at Del Taco on my way home from practice. Now, I think I really do have protein and complex carbs at every meal and I take vegan-specific supplements. I don’t know if I expected a bit more recognition for that when I talked to the acupuncturist? Although, there were a few things about him I wasn’t really a fan of…

      For real – I feel like this is totally healthy eating?

      Supplements: vegan iron, vegan multi, vitamin D, vitamin K2, Udi’s oil, extreme endurance
      Breakfast: quinoa, almond milk, nuts, fruit
      Lunch: salad with avocado and nuts, quinoa
      Snacks: vega protein powder with water, fruit or pb on seed crackers, raw cashews or homemade larabars
      Dinner: tofu veggie stir-fry with brown rice

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