Crossfit WOD: Nancy

Today was another named workout. I looked it up last night and thought it seemed a bit boring, but definitely do-able:

5 reps for time:

  • 400m run
  • 15 overhead squats

My knee was a bit achy from my run less than 12 hours prior, so I was a bit conservative in my weight for the bar. The prescribed weight was 65# for girls, I just stuck with the 30# bar.

I had my garmin on to check if this really was a 400m loop – and the non-surprising answer is that it’s a bit short. The 5 laps should have been 1.25miles and instead it came out to 1.18. Still, I was happy to have my garmin for my paces.

The first two laps I didn’t hit reset, my average pace was 6:48.
My third lap was 6:45, fourth was 6:32 and my final lap was at a 6:28 pace.

The overhead squats were actually not near as bad as I thought. Once I was figured out the secret of activating my shoulders, the weight didn’t seem so awkward. I did each set unbroken, which the coach had said was a sign the weight wasn’t heavy enough. Whoops! I was definitely glad I went light and got the technique down, though.

I was the first to finish, in 12:01. Fun!

For dessert we did shoot-throughs and planks, tabata style. I loved the idea of the shoot-throughs but it kicked my butt after the first round!

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