Weekly round-up (3/5-3/11)

Monday: 6.75 run in the morning, Power 30 class (deck squats – 4×20, burpees 3×10, medicine ball over-unders 4×20, jumping jacks 4×100, Turkish get-ups 3×10) and some abs at lunch

Tuesday: Crossfit WOD (slam balls and hang cleans) in the morning, 9.1 mile workout with the RRBs in the afternoon

Wed: 4 mile morning run. I’d planned to hit the gym AND get a second run in, but things got a Lil crazy at work and then I just wasn’t feeling motivated.

Thursday: Crossfit WOD (rows, kb thrusters, deadlifts, handstand pushups). 9.5 mile run mid-day.

Friday: Gym workout in the morning, mostly upper body, and an easy 2.4 mile run. Had planned for a bit more, but my knee was acting up a bit (I blame the deadlifts) and I knew I was already ahead of my target mileage for the week

Saturday: 9.3 mile run with the RRBs. It was intended to be a 5 mile tempo but I blew up in the third mile. I’ll pace better the next time we do this course! Then I took an ice bath and did the compression boots and felt amazing!

Sunday: Gym workout, abs and upper body (I worked a lot on my biceps), 12.9 mile run with KJ. Felt really good!

Total miles was just shy of 54. The weather is getting nicer out, which makes getting out for a run SO much more enjoyable!!

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