TBT12-Day 56 – up in arms

Yesterday I really tried to cut back on my carbs and up my protein to get ready for the weekend. Today I was a bit more lax, although I still avoided grains. I’d called into the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast and asked about nutrition before the pump and run, and he responded on the show and I heard it last night. (btw, my voice recording sounds REALLY weird – do I sound like that on the phone?) His stance wasn’t to restrict or try to be dehydrated going into the weigh-in, as it would compromise strength. He also commented on how important it was to focus on the bench press. Ugh… I am so not sure if I’m ready for this. I’m not sure how it happened – I totally had lots of confidence but I just don’t think I’m where I need to be…
He also gave some tips for technique. I may have to squeeze in one more gym session to give some of them a try!


– Cottage cheese
– Ezekiel cereal with kefir, hemp seed, blueberries
– Raisins
– Good belly drink
– Adzuki bean burger patties
– Kale chips
– Apple
– Whole foods Salad bar
– Vega sports protein
– Monster aminos
– glass of Apple cider vinegar, molasses, water


  • 3.8 mile run – felt a weird twinge in my right calf
  • crazy arms at the gym! I normally hate doing biceps but decided to just go for it today. Also did a ton of different types of pushups:
    • clap pushups 3×10
    • one-armed pushups on the bench 3
    • regular pushups 30
    • bench pushups 2×10
    • pushups where you have one hand on a medicine ball and roll it to the other hand – 10
    • atomic pushups with a swiss ball (feet on ball for pushup, then pull it into your chest) – 2×15
    • pushups holding a 10lb weight in each hand, then twist into a T (holding weight above you) – 3
  • bench press – 2x(30x35lbs)
  • bicep curls
    • 35x10lbs
    • 25×7.5lbs
    • 6x15lbs
    • 4x20lbs
    • 20x10lbs
    • concentration curls: 10x12lbs
  • LOTS of abs

I’d wanted to try the dramatic transformation principle thing with the bicep curls (do a ladder from 50 reps down to 10 with heavier weights, then build back up), but even at 10 lbs my arms were done at 35 reps. However, I was able to recover and do more reps later. I really tried to be explosive in the curls as well as the pushups, to get the most out of the exercise. It’s really amazing to me how much muscular endurance I have – just wish I could pile on a bit more strength! One thing I did notice – the other day I was having trouble at the very bottom of the bicep curl, when your arm is straight. I did some really light weight then, and I definitely felt like it helped today!

Here’s what I’m working on- can’t wait til short sleeved shirt season!

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