Crossfit WOD: Slam balls and hang cleans

Loren and I are slowly starting to ease into attending crossfit workouts. Yesterday we decided to hit up the 6:30am workout together today. I woke up really early (haven’t slept well since the weekend) and lazed around before heading over to Crossfit LoHi – only to realize the workout was at Crossfit LoDo! Yikes!
I know some people think that crossfit instructors are these mean drill sargeants, but the guys at both clubs were really cool with my mistake. The LoHi guy actually invited me to just stay and work out on my own even though there was no class. But since I’d arranged to meet Loren, I rushed over to the other location and was only a few minutes late. I was glad I’d arranged to meet her because honestly, I could have totally used this as an excuse to bag the workout. The instructor at LoDo was totally cool about my wandering in late and then not knowing how to do any of the exercises..

Today’s WOD:

Slam ball throws 20/40
Hang cleans (50-60% 1rm)

EMOM kick up into a hand stand

I didn’t know what a hang clean was, so I worked on technique a bit before we got racked up. I didn’t ever really feel like “I got it” so I used pretty low weight so I could just focus on getting the form right. See? I AM learning! Made it through the workout in 8:56 with 37# for the bar, 20# for the ball.

The second mini workout (“dessert”?) was 15-10-5 of GHD situps and double-unders. I was a little short for the GHD machine but managed those ok, but I think I only did 4 double-unders in total. I definitely can work on my technique in that respect!

It was a decent workout, not anything too crazy but I left it feeling not-injured, so that’s a big bonus! I was a bit discouraged with the double-unders but I left the workout feeling motivated to come back to another workout, which is a big step in the right direction!

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