Crossfit WOD: Row, KBs, Deadlift, HSPU

I thought these things were all supposed to have girl names???

After Tuesday wasn’t so bad, Loren and I decided to go back to Crossfit this morning. I actually went to the correct location! It was only the two of us and one other girl (Whit, who was there on Tues as well).

  • 3 sets of:
    • 250m row sprint
    • 8 one-arm Kettle Bell Thrusters on Each side
  • rest 2min
  • 6 sets of:
    • 8 deadlifts @ 50% 1RM
    • 2 handstand pushups

We started out covering the basics again – I’d forgotten what thrusters were but I like them 🙂 Basically a low squat with a kettlebell in the rack position and then you thrust it up as you stand. I think I had a 25#er

I wasn’t sure what my 1-rep max for the deadlift was, but because I hurt my back last time we did deadlifts, I tried to keep it nice and light. I think I ended up with 75lbs?

We also had to be shown how to do handstand pushups. I had a couple ab mats beneath my head to specify my target, but it wasn’t actually very hard at all, I was really surprised!

We got started and Loren was the first finished the first set, I was a couple seconds behind at 6:42. After our 2-min recovery we got started and she finished one second ahead of me in 12:14. Whit finished the first set behind us but somehow lapped us in the second set and finished ahead. Yes, that means I was last in something, and was ok with it. This is a good sign!

Oddly enough, all our times were faster than the 5:30 group, even though many of them had finished their first set much faster. I mentioned it to the coach and he said that that was the nature of the different types of exercises. In the earlier class, a couple guys had powered through the row, very aggressively and competitively, but then the handstand pushups killed them, He said all of us were very fluid in our transitions.

Then “dessert” was 50 reverse situps – we started on our backs with our legs extended, feet hovering just above the ground. Pulled them all the way up so we were doing a shoulder stand, then lowered them back down to hover.

As we put our weights away, I told the coach (he’s the CFE guy) about the pump and run and he thought it was a really cool concept. He then said he’d love to see some triathlons incorporate some exercises during transitions.. yeah, not sure how that would go over 😉

So, another day of crossfit, another GOOD workout that I enjoyed. Huh… who knew.. I AM starting to enjoy this stuff…!

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