TBT12-Day 46

I felt better today after taking in more fat (and calories?) on Saturday. I realized that once I started juicing daily, I’ve given up my smoothies, which had more protein. I should get back to that.. And protein from real food (Greek yogurt, egg whites) rather than powders.


Ezekiel cereal with kefir, hemp seed
Beet, carrot, spinach, ginger juice
Electrolyte hydrator on the run
Smoothie: coconut milk, pb, banana, chia seeds, vega chocolate protein powder
Superpump pre-workoung
Monster Aminos post-workoung
Vega endurance bar
Nori roll with brown basmati rice, cucumber and avocado
White bean and kale soup, hemp bread
Kale chips
Greek yogurt with muesli


Met KJ for part of her long run. (I did 12, she did 19) Wasn’t feeling great, but I got through it. Afterwards I went to Recovery Club. I was seriously limping up the stairs. After rolling, compressing, inverting and being on the balance board, I felt better. I then went to the gym.

I can’t seem to get my 30x65lbs, which is discouraging. Yet I stayed at the gym and still tried to get a good workout in. The highlight was doing 50 bosu pushups in a row! I spent the time doing the Fleetly lower body stretch program, which also helped a lot.

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