TBT12-day 24 (CHEAT DAY)

Busy day today! Met my training group at 7:30. Afterwards my coach and a few others were running in a XC race, so I stayed and watched. Then I headed to AllSports Recovery club, and finally the gym before making it back home. A quick shower, and it was time to hit up Renegade brewery for their beer and pretzel pairing. Yum! Lastly I decided to stop by Menchie’s and try out the mud pie yogurt they’ve been advertising. Cheat day success!

The girl who took this had just arrived at the bar - not sure why it was already blurry!

5 of us from our 12 person relay team met up at Renegade. So fun to see everyone again, I hope everyone will participate again this year. 2 vans, 200 miles of running and fun!


-Jewish rye bread with pb and hemp seed.
– Chia pudding
– Tea
– honeymilk
– Cheese pizza. They were handing this out at the race (10am. Yes, please!)
– Coffee with hot chocolate mix and whipped cream. I saw a little girl with just a cup of whipped cream!
– Probar
– Banana
– Monster aminos
– Veggie juice: apple, lime, cilantro, carrot, chard, spinach.
– Mashed sweet potatoes
– Quiznos’ veggie on wheat. Even on a cheat day, I asked for no cheese.
– Renegade peanut butter cup milk stout and chocolate pretzel pairing x 3
– one salted pretzel that I ordered before I understood the pairing
– frozen yogurt


– 8.28 mile run with the RRBs. We did 4x7minutes at HMP/MP. I had planned for a 7mm. I did 6:56, 6:42, 6:37, 7:00 (the last one had a hill, but my calves were also tired)
– Deadlift 2x(5×90), 2x(5×100), 3×110, 2×110. There is always a spot in my shoulder that hurts with these, not sure why.
– Leg extension: 2x(5×50), 5×90, 5×70. wasn’t feeling these.
– Hip abductor 3x(12×70)
– Hip adductor 3x(12×70)
– Chest supported row 10x40lbs – I just wanted to affirm I could do heavier than I did last week in my killer workout
– Single-leg romanian deadlift: 40lbs L-3,8,5. R-5, 9.
– Back extension-20
– Single leg press: 3x(10×80)


– 30 min in the Normatec boots at AllSports. I think I’m becoming obsessed with these!
cold laser with TENS on my right hip. Not where I had bursitis, more up by the actual bone
– inversion table
– rumble roller
– whole body vibration machine

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