TBT12 – Day 19

This morning I woke up to go volunteer at the Polar Bear 5K. I had registered to run but since I’m still in recovery, I decided to help out. For some reason, I was given the staff instruction to come at 7:30 instead of 8:30. It was COLD and WINDY. We actually had to take down the tents because one blew away as we were setting them up. It was somewhat miserable but I was glad to help support my sport! After setup and registration, I went and manned a water stop. One guy ran by and said “thanks Andrea!” (Although he didn’t pronounce my name as I do). I didn’t recognize him, odd… afterwards he came over and said that he remembered me from the last race, we’d been close and then I outkicked him at the end. He’d obviously looked me up afterwards! We chatted a bit about training/racing strategies.

I came home, had a quick bath to warm up, then hit the gym. I tried out a new crazy workout approach: Dramatic Transformation Principle. I wrote a whole post about it, but suffice to say in total I did 310 chest-supported incline rows. Yowza!

After that, I went to check out AllSports Recovery Club in Boulder. I’m just so intrigued by this idea of a post-workout recovery club. I ALSO blogged about that, so I won’t repeat myself. But it did involve hanging upside down like a bat, and using a laser on myself.

Tired of narrative? Here’s the deets:


– quinoa, almond milk, cinnamon
– tea
– coffee (with hot chocolate. I JUST realized this was a cheat. dangit.)
– veggie juice: celery, carrots, spinach, a tiny bit of kale, beets, cucumber, apple. I meant to put in ginger root, but I forgot. I did have to add water because my poor blender motor was crying. Then it was super thick, so I ended up straining it through a colander. I guess this is why people buy juicers… It was definitely refreshing though. I’m trying to have more veggies and less fruit to moderate my fructose intake.
– Vega pre-sports optimizer with creatine and BCAAs
– Vega sports protein with creatine and BCAAs
– homemade protein bar
– green curry with tofu and brown rice
– more veggie juice!
– spinach salad with cucumbers, bean sprouts, tomatoes and hemp seed with red pepper, chickpea and tahini dressing. I didnt have smoked paprika, so I used regular and a bit of turmeric. After tasting the dressing, I realized it’s essentially just watered down hummus… I’m okay with that.
– toasted Ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter and hemp seed. Mmm.. protein

From this... (and water)

..to this...

.. and finally this!


– light jogging errands around the race this morning. Gosh I miss running!
– 310 chest supported incline rows. BAM!
– ~300 ab exercises/crunches of various types


– 30 minutes in NormaTec Compression boots
– inversion table
– laser with TENS
– rumble roller

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  • Can I say, only in Boulder would there be a gym dedicated to recovery. And i love it and am jealous! So cool.

    What a great smoothie! I am making a breakfast one just about every day now.

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