TBT12 – Day 18

Woke up at my regular time (6ish) and was all eager to head out to get my workout on at the gym. Thankfully, I thought to check the hours, they didn’t open til 8!


– tea
– smoothie: kefir, egg whites, protein powder, hemp seed, chia seed, apple, mango, frozen blueberries, spinach.
– Vega pre-sport optimizer with creatine and BCAAs
– quinoa with almond milk, hemp seed and cinnamon
– kombucha
– 3 powerbar energy bites (not clean 🙁 )
– carrots
– almonds and raisins
– subway veggie sub. I actually ordered onions on it – my tastes are changing!
– KIND PB & strawberry bar
– homemade green curry with tofu and brown rice. I can cook, y’all!


– shoulders- lateral raises, dumbbell shoulder press, flyes, upright rows, rotation, scarecrows (?)
– 6.8 mile hike at Waldo canyon

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