Day 25 – TBT

So, I’ve been working out a lot.. 6 days a week, and more often two workouts a day than not. But I feel great! I have a ton of energy despite not caffeinating or sugar-ing and no feeling of being run-down, sore or tired. I think a big part is that after nearly every workout, I have a recovery drink right away. Generally Vega Sport Performance Protein but sometimes I just treat myself to a good ole HoneyMilk after a run. I am trying to fuel myself for performance, which means getting in some nutrients (as well as BCAAs, etc) after I work out.

– toasted Ezekiel bagel with almond butter
– tea
– half an EAS protein shake
– kodiak flapjacks with cinnamon, chia seeds, vega whole foods optimizer and blueberries
– odwalla superfood drink
– pad thai with tofu
– raisins
– avocado
– vegetable barley soup with sunflower basil crackers
– Vega sport performance optimizer
– kombucha
– Vega sport performance protein
– salad
– edamame
– banana

– 5 mile run with the Qi Running Club
– kettlebell class. I’ve struggled a bit the last two classes and today I mentioned it to the instructor before we started. He gave me some advice on my shoulder positioning, and it made all the difference in the world! Went up to 45lbs for my heavy swings (not for long) and 25lbs for my single-hand arm-to-arm swings (and we did a LOT). Great workout, and I feel strong!

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