Colder Bolder – an “invitation-only” 5K?

Today I got an odd email- an invite to a special race for those who finished between 44 and 46 minutes in the Bolder Boulder 10K.

The ad calls out to those of us who are competitive without actually being competitive runners, “you can win this race!”

It’s actually pretty amazing to me that the local community is so deep that they can hold an entire race of people who finished within a two minute timeframe at a single event. It also made me curious how many of these invitational events they’re holding. If mine starts at 8:20, how early and how late do they go, and at what interval? (and, really, is this much different than the actual BolderBoulder wave start, except awards are only give among those you start with?)

I will admit, it’s a twist. Only a half hour before I’d received another email about a different local 5K. There are only so many races a person is interested in/can afford to participate in. Most of us never get the chance to run at the front of the pack, so it could be a unique experience. Especially those of us who’ve been steadily setting PRs since that day back in May 😉

What do you think? Is having a race with SUCH narrow entrance qualifications a neat idea, or overkill?

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