Today was the Canada Day Road Race, and I planned to run the 15K. My legs had felt a bit stiff for a few days, but I planned to just go out and have a good run. Team Canada roller derby tryouts are on Sunday, so I didn’t want to push myself too hard and not be in good shape for them.

I started out the run feeling pretty good, but almost exactly at mile 1, I felt a strong spasm in my right hamstring. Shortly after that was the 5K turnaround point, and I stopped for a moment, then decided today wasn’t the day to do 15K. Decision made, I actually picked up the pace because I knew I didn’t have as far to run.

At the finish, I went over to a tent where they were doing ART. The therapist worked on my hamstring (ouch!) and then my glutes. She warned me that weak glutes could be a source of my problem, and as she worked on me, my hips were aching! Then she sent me over to a mat area where another therapist showed me an exercise to do to work on my glutes.

Andrea… remember back in January when you had hip problems, and the PT gave you exercises for your glutes and hips? Remember how you stopped doing them as soon as you were cleared to run and skate?

This is just silly: I run as training. I attend practices to train. I lift. I need to be doing these exercises to help support the athletic activities I want to do.

So.. although all the raises and monster walks and lifts and foam roller work took time, it’s time I need to spend on myself.

Especially since I just committed to the Goofy Race-and-a-Half Challenge, and have some other big running activities on the horizon.. I need to be working on making myself strong! Not just to get over injury, but to prevent future problems.

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