Metro Mile Race Report

My first question: why are all one-mile races (at least the ones I participate in) held in July??

It was HOT today – I believe in the 90s. The Metro Mile took place in the evening, but the sun was still blazing as we toed the line. I wore a tank top and shorts. I didn’t bring a hat or running sunglasses, but it was bright enough I decided to wear my regular sunglasses. It probably looked ridiculous.

The Metro Mile is a fun race with a variety of waves: family and friends, open, 60+ and elite. It started on a sports field, did a couple loops and finished on the Infinity Park field. I kept in mind the fact that in interval workouts I tend to get faster and hate myself less as the workout goes on, so I sprinted and ran for awhile to warm up before the race. I was in great spirits. (I also had a steaz energy drink before the race – I AM starting to use caffeine as a performance enhancer, and I’m ok with that).

As I walked up to the start, I said hi to the announcer, who I know from a few other races. He then turned around and told the crowd that Kendra Blood from the Denver Roller Dolls was there, and to watch out! He then made it part of his schtick, talking about how I left my skates at home, etc. I really appreciated the plug!

I felt pretty good so I lined up reasonably close to the front. And soon, we were off!

My watch started beeping within the first.. quarter mile, but I just ignored it and didn’t even look at it (in contrast to my last one-mile race back in 2007). I got caught behind a couple women who didn’t need to have started on the line, but was able to sneak by them. I felt really strong, like time was flying. I heard spectators call out “number 3” as I ran past. Soon enough we were setting foot on the field and I put on the gas. Some guy passed me, and I told him good job. And then, I passed him before we hit the timing mat.

The timing clock hadn’t hit 6 minutes when I passed it, and I also didn’t start right at the front, so I don’t know exactly what my time is. I just know that I blew away my 6:21 PR, I broke my target 6 minute goal, AND it turns out I won my age group (I think I got 3rd woman overall in the Open category, but that wasn’t something they officially announced).

I kept walking after I finished, but after a few minutes I started coughing uncontrollably. It rattled deep in my chest and I actually had to let myself do a weird dry-heave cough thing to try to shake it loose. I felt pretty crappy for a second, but I can tell you that pride in my achievement only seems fitting to be accompanied by a burning in my chest. Oh, and my heart rate averaged 180 and hit 189.. Can you imagine? 1,080 heart beats during the run!

The race wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that bad, either. I’m really excited that given the temperature I was able to pull it off. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I think getting hip bursitis in January and then embarking on overall strength training, and cleaning up my diet, has made all the difference in the world…

EDIT: Results are in. 2nd female overall, beat out by a teenager! My time was 5:58.

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