June 23

I’m not tracking to a certain date, so it doesn’t make sense to do a countdown. And I’m not great at coming up with witty titles.

My arm workout felt great, but as the day wore on I started dreading my run. Speedwork is hard! But I set to it, and it actually went well. I was close to a tenth of a mile for my sprints, so about a 6mm pace. But I know the drill, if I want to do big races, I need to train!

Michael furthered sweetened the deal re: Goofy today. Marshall Ulrich was in Seattle for the marathon, signing and selling his book “Running on Empty”. I’d mentioned it to Michael the other day, and sure enough I just got an mms of an autographed book! How can I not make an effort to go run a race with a great friend like that?? 🙂


  • whole foods breakfast burrito
  • tea
  • edamame and orzo salad
  • apple
  • vega sport protein enhancer
  • bob’s oat peanut butter bar
  • whole foods salad bar, including chili relleno with cheese-and it was delicious! Also plenty of fresh fruit
  • a starburst and a werthers candy. Just bc I can
  • dried plantains
  • decaf cappuccino from a machine
  • rainier cherries


  • bicep curls – 20lbs
  • tricep kickbacks – 17.5lbs
  • concentration curls – 20lbs
  • tricep rope pulldowns – 40lbs
  • ezbar tricep extensions – 50lbs
  • reverse curls – 15lbs
  • pullups
  • hip adduction/abduction – 80lbs
  • run-speedwork: 2 min warmup, 8x(30 second sprint, 1:30 recovery)- estimated distance 2.4 miles

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