Sugar: The Bitter Truth

I had this entertaining little video shared with me yesterday.

Ok, just kidding, it’s a college lecture with a lot of biochemistry. But even though I didn’t want to believe the evils of fructose, I made myself listen. Honestly, I wish I’d been 100% attentive to really try to understand all this stuff.

Random highlights to save you 1.5hrs:

  • drinking Coke is like drinking a pizza (added salt that makes you thirstier)
  • there are reportedly no differences between HFCS and sugar. But any sugar consumption is negative.
  • HFCS is evil, but not metabolically evil. It’s economically evil. It’s found it’s way into everything. Bread, ketchup, everything. It’s been added surreptitiously to all our processed food.
  • HFCS actually makes sense for elite athletes who are glycogen-depleted. Original Gatorade tasted bad, then Pepsi bought it and added HFCS. Now it’s not elite athletes who drink it, it’s fat kids
  • “When God made the poison, he packaged it with the antidote”. Where fructose exists in nature, there is way more fiber. Eat your carbohydrate with fiber. That’s why fruit is okay.
  • Fructose is a carbohydrate, but it’s metabolized like a fat (a low-fat diet isn’t really a low-fat diet, because fructose doubles as a fat)
  • A calorie is not a calorie, and fructose is not glucose
  • You’re not what you eat, you are what you do with what you eat
  • fructose is alcohol without the buzz (alcohol is metabolized by the brain, but then both are processed by the liver)

I have to let this roll around in my head for awhile.. I’m generally very black and white. If something is bad, it’s bad. Yet I don’t think I’m willing to believe that fruits are bad b/c they have fructose. I think it’s more about that balance, as Dr. Lustig said, the poison is packaged with the antidote. I’ve cut down on juices anyway because years ago I learned that it’s the fiber in the fruit that’s good for you, not necessarily the juice itself (and I also believe that may be why on some level I like pulp in my juice).


  • If you read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” … it has a WHOLE section on corn and how we have/had too much of it due to government subsidies and HFCS is a product of that. Corn is in EVERYTHING. Either directly or indirectly (through the feed they give livestock then we feed ourselves). HFCS is cheaper for companies to put in their products too.
    My opinion on HFCS … it is HIGHLY processed and not a whole food. No different from an artificial sweetener. Natural sweeteners taste nowhere near as sweet as HFCS. Try tasting a pepsi sweetened with sugar and one sweetened with HFCS … you can taste the difference.

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